Jacopa Band Screens – 20 Years Old and Still Going Strong


A tranche of Jacopa CF200 band screens installed almost 20 years ago in treatment works on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland, are still going strong – and still best in class.

The 14 CF200 screens were installed at five of Greater Belfast’s wastewater treatment works, with a combined PE of around 350,000. The sites were chosen as part of an extensive refurbishment programme undertaken by the then Northern Ireland Water Service to improve and augment its wastewater treatment services.

Since its launch in 1991, the CF200 band screen has established itself as a preferred screening medium with water utilities around the world. The CF200’s patented moulded polypropylene mesh panels, with their tapered holes, have proved an effective way of preventing problems with blocked panels and carried-over debris.

The sturdy construction also means that the screens have low life-cycle costs. Operation is based on control of differential head loss and generally, the screens operate for as little as three hours per day, or as much as six to eight hours per day in high flows.

In recent years, NI Water has adopted a predictive maintenance schedule that allows the screens to operate to their full potential. Jacopa Contracts Manager, Peter Murnin, said: “It is a real testament to the advanced and incredibly robust design of these screens that they are still going strong all these years later, and are still outperforming other rival screens. We’re incredibly proud that they have delivered such great value for money to our client, and we’re hoping they continue to do so for many more years to come.”