Jacopa does the Business for Bosker

Wastewater treatment systems and solutions experts Jacopa and Machinefabriek Bosker en Zonen BV (Bosker) are celebrating two years of close collaboration and business success.


Jacopa have the sole right to distribute Bosker’s rugged automatic rake screen systems in the UK and Ireland municipal water and wastewater markets and have very successfully developed the Bosker business in these territories. Bosker is delighted with the progress Jacopa have made and with several key projects already delivered the business is well positioned for further success.

For water service companies, ensuring that wastewater treatment works are fully operational is a key aim and one that can be severely disrupted if vital assets are damaged by debris. The main defence against such damage is upstream protection and many end user customers are taking the opportunity to invest in upstream Bosker raked screens to protect downstream equipment such as pumps and fine screens resulting in an improved Totex whilst meeting the overall outcome objectives set by individual Water Companies.