Sykes Pumps plays major role in Broughton Bypass completion


Hire specialist, Sykes Pumps, has played a critical role in easing traffic congestion and improving road safety in Lancashire thanks to the provision of four Super Wispaset 150 super-silenced diesel pumps to help manage the water table during excavations for the £32 million Broughton Bypass scheme north of Preston.

Delivered by HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd for Lancashire County Council, the project has involved construction of a three-kilometre stretch of road that will provide a new route for vehicles from the roundabout at Junction 1 of the M55 straight through to the A6 north of the village of Broughton.  The village had become a traffic bottle neck, with up to 22,000 vehicles passing through each day, and the project is expected to ease congestion by 90 per cent.

Both HOCHTIEF and subcontractor TPS turned to Sykes Pumps during the works to help manage the water table during excavations for the project. Cohesive clay ground conditions and a flat landscape with limited drainage were creating significant challenges.

The Super Wispaset 150 super-silenced diesel pumps provided by Sykes Pumps were used to pump ground water from the site area into settlement tanks, where any sediment was removed prior to discharge back into the natural water course. This was critical to ensuring a safe working area during the excavation phase and enabled the contractors to keep the coffer dams dry during excavations for road bridge abutments.

Three duty pumps operated on a 24/7 basis during the groundworks phase, with the fourth pump constantly on site as standby. For the deepest part of the excavations, HOCHTIEF used an additional pump from Sykes to increase flow rates.

Matthew Mosley, project manager at HOCHTIEF, commented: “In a project of this size, there are always unforeseen factors to deal with and we’ve addressed any challenges that have arisen throughout the programme. Thanks to the pumps provided by Sykes Pumps, keeping the work area dry has never been one of them.”