Minister for Loneliness meets water company customer care staff

Minister for Loneliness meets water company customer care staff
Loneliness Minister Tracey Crouch MP with South East Water's customer care team

Those struggling to pay their bills can sometimes feel very isolated, as the newly appointed Minister for Civil Society with the unique task to combat loneliness, Tracey Crouch MP, pointed out when she met South East Water’s Customer Care Team this week (22 January 2018).

Ms Crouch wanted to find out how the company supports its customers and the payment options for those are struggling to pay their bill.

Sheila Bowdery, South East Water’s Vulnerable Customer Manager, said: “We know most of our customers do all they can to pay their water bill, but sometimes circumstances mean they struggle. We’re here to let customers know we have a range of tariffs and additional services available that provides a little helping hand when you need it most.”

The 23-strong Customer Care Team also manages the priority services register, a list which ensures that in the event of an emergency such as a burst water main, the company will provide dedicated support to those who require water.

Made up of both office and field staff, the team travels across South East England working directly with customers, organisations and charities to get information on the all the bespoke services available direct to those who need it.

Following her visit, Tracey Crouch, who is MP for Chatham and Aylesford, said: “It’s refreshing to see that companies like South East Water have dedicated teams in place to provide help when it’s needed. I encourage anyone who feels they need that support to contact the Customer Care Team to find out about the all help on offer.”