New Regional Flood and Coastal Committee chairs announced

New RFCC chairs 2018
New RFCC chairs (clockwise from top left): Shirel Stedman, Paul Hayden, Brian West Stewart, Martin Hurst Images: Creative Commons

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced the appointment of four new chairpersons for its regional flood risk committees.

The four new RFCC committee chairs are:

  • Brian West Stewart – Anglian (Central) RFCC
  • Paul Hayden – Anglian (Eastern) RFCC
  • Shirel Stedman – Severn and Wye RFCC
  • Dr Martin Hurst – Southern RFCC

Four RFCC Chairs have also been re-appointed:

  • Eddy Poll – Anglian (Northern) RFCC
  • Vij Randeniya – Trent RFCC
  • David Jenkins – Wessex RFCC
  • Colin Mellors – Yorkshire RFCC

Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCCs) help the Environment Agency (EA) with its Flood and Coastal Erosion risk management functions. They also cover all flood risks in England that are not the responsibility of the water companies.

The role of the RFCC committees is to:

  • Ensure there are coherent plans for identifying, communicating and managing flood and coastal erosion risks across catchments and shorelines
  • Promote efficient, targeted and risk-based investment in flood and coastal erosion risk management that optimises value for money and benefits for local communities
  • Provide a link between the EA, Lead Local Flood Authorities, other risk management authorities, and other relevant bodies to engender mutual understanding of flood and coastal erosion risks in its area

The chairmanship positions begin in 2018 and run for three years.